World Health Day Honoring Those with Food Allergies

World Health Day Honoring Those with Food Allergies

Living with food allergies can be a big adjustment. On World Health Day we wanted to take some time to shine a light on food allergies. People who live with food allergies often have to give up some of their favorite foods. It also means that they have to be more careful with what they eat when they are out. We want to share a few tips for honoring people with food allergies.

Honoring People with Food Allergies

Did you know there are a large variety of food allergies? Many think of food allergies like gluten or dairy. When looking into food allergies there are considerably more. Even more than that, these food allergies can differ in severity. Each person will have a different experience with their specific food allergies. Here are a few food allergies you might not know much about and how you can make someone with these food allergies smile.


Gluten is one of the more common food allergies you will hear about. People with gluten allergies can have reactions such as inflammation, shortness of breath, gastro issues, and more. Gluten allergies can be exceptionally difficult because gluten is found in a variety of foods you might not expect it to be in. It can also have a high risk of cross-contamination. Here are a few options you could give someone with a gluten allergy.

  • Gluten-free bread - When someone gives up gluten due to an allergy, they may still want to enjoy bread or a favorite food like a sandwich. Picking out high-quality gluten-free bread can be a great gift to honor the gluten-free person in your life.
  • Gluten-free crackers - Items like charcuterie boards have become very trendy as of late. Adding gluten-free crackers can help your gluten-free friends to feel included and enjoy foods that are safe for them. These can also be a great snack for an event or when enjoying a picnic together.
  • Gluten-free cake - Cake is one of the quickest things to be taken away from most gluten-free people. Finding a quality gluten-free cake can be a fantastic way to make them smile. Gluten-free pound cake can be a delicious treat with fresh strawberries and dairy-free whipped cream.
  • Gluten-free pizza crust - Gluten-free pizza crusts can mean that your friend with a gluten allergy can still enjoy a delicious pizza with all of their favorite toppings. There are also options for dairy-free cheese and vegan toppings that can be added if they have other allergies.

Egg Allergy

Egg allergies are more common than you might realize. For some, this could just cause a rash. For others, eggs can cause shortness of breath or more severe allergic reactions. This can make items like baked goods, breakfast, and even fried items less accessible to someone with an egg allergy. While it can be hard to have an egg allergy, there are ways to enjoy some old favorites. Here are a few food options to consider for those who have an egg allergy.

  • Egg replacer - An egg replacer can be used in a variety of baking recipes to let someone with an egg allergy enjoy some of their favorite foods. Pick out a gluten-free egg replacer in case they have additional food allergies as well.
  • Dinner rolls - Dinner rolls can often be off-limits for those who have an egg allergy. There are egg-free dinner rolls you can purchase that they are able to enjoy. These make a great addition to dinner or a special snack for those who haven’t had them in a while.
  • Brownies - Many treats like brownies can have eggs used as a primary ingredient. Picking out an egg-free brownie can be a treat people with egg allergies are sure to enjoy!


Dairy allergies can be difficult to live with. Many assume that lactose intolerance is the same as dairy allergies. For some, it may be fairly close. Some with dairy allergies will have more intense reactions than gastronomic distress. Finding foods that are dairy-free can be a great way to make someone smile and we have a few suggestions.

  • Doughnuts - Many doughnut makers will use dairy as an ingredient in the recipe. Finding a quality dairy-free doughnut can be a sure way to make someone smile. These can be great to enjoy with dairy-free milk or other items.
  • Coffee - While coffee is not made with dairy, many creamers and add-ins are. Finding a dairy-free creamer or milk can be a great gift for someone with a dairy allergy. Some restaurants will also make dairy-free coffee options. Spend some time to research these before heading over.
  • Bagels - Many bagel recipes will use dairy and thus leave people with a dairy allergy out. However, there are dairy-free bagels out there that would go well with a vegan cream cheese topping.

What if you don’t know their allergies?

Sometimes friends with allergies are not clear about what they’re allergic to. This can make it extremely difficult to pick out treats for them. It can also be hard when you are not sure how to shop for allergy-friendly foods. There are still ways to pick out allergy-friendly foods they are sure to enjoy. Here are a few tips for picking foods for friends with food allergies.

  • Choose from companies that don’t use the common allergens - There are food companies that will make items that are free of common allergens. Look into companies that manufacture items free of cross-contamination as well. Here at Ener-G Foods, we are proud of our gluten-free, allergy-free and food sensitive products.
  • Opt for vegan and gluten-free options - By choosing items that are vegan and gluten-free you eliminate many of the common allergens. There are some exceptions to this rule but this is a good place to start.
  • Ask about their favorite options - One way to be sure you are picking safe quality items is to ask the person you care for what they already enjoy. There are quite a few options out there that you might not consider. Asking them will give you more options to consider when picking out foods for them.
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