Decadent Dishes for Your Gluten-Free Valentine

Decadent Dishes for Your Gluten-Free Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to treat yourself or someone you love to a decadent dish! There’s something about the romantic nature of the day that just prompts foods with a bit more of a fanciful tone. While this can be true, many of these treats are also filled with gluten, so this can be hard for people with food allergies. This can ruin the best Valentine’s Day in seconds. However, we have some gluten-free valentine’s treats you won’t want to miss out on!

Gluten-Free Valentine’s Treats You Won’t Want to Miss

Breakfast in Bed

Whether you are treating someone you love or choosing to spoil yourself a bit, breakfast in bed can be the perfect way to start out your Valentine’s Day. There’s just something about a morning filled with some of your favorite flavors. While there are quite a few gluten-rich items, there are also some gluten-free goodies you could enjoy. Here are a few ideas for a gluten-free breakfast in bed.

Gluten-Free Breakfast in Bed Options:

  • Fresh fruit tray - Put together some of your favorite fruits on a beautiful tray for a sweet breakfast treat.
  • Custom drink - Instead of opting for a favorite fruit juice, try a custom drink mixed with some of your favorite flavors. You can make mimosas or a simple fruit mocktail.
  • Add a touch of dessert to your breakfast - Add in gluten-free brownies or a gluten-free cookie plate to your breakfast in bed to feed your sweet tooth.
  • Gluten-free French toast - Using your favorite gluten-free bread, make a decadent gluten-free French toast topped with fresh fruit, whipped topping, or your favorite syrup.
  • Gluten-free waffles - Use gluten-free flours to mix up a batch of gluten-free waffles that are sure to be the perfect breakfast in bed treat!

Plan a Picnic

Going out to eat doesn’t look the same anymore. For some, this can take away some of the romance associated with a dinner date night out. One way to change things up is to go out on a romantic picnic together. Setting up a romantic picnic gives you the ability to choose foods that are safe for you while enjoying time together at your favorite romantic location. Here are a few tips for planning a gluten-free picnic.

Gluten-Free Picnic Options

  • Build your own sandwiches - Bring your favorite gluten-free bread, sandwich fixings, and condiments for a build your own sandwich picnic. There’s something about putting together the perfect sandwich that can’t be beaten!
  • Fresh fruit - Make sure you bring along a selection of some of your favorite fresh fruit. Add a special touch to it by doing chocolate-dipped strawberries or putting together a gluten-free fruit dip to use with them.
  • Charcuterie board - Charcuterie boards are extremely trendy right now and being gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to avoid them! Use gluten-free crackers, fresh fruit, cheese, and meat cuts to prepare your own picnic charcuterie board to enjoy together.
  • Make a special cake - Get a gluten-free pound cake and top it with some of your favorite toppings for a sweet treat you won’t have to worry about. Top with strawberries for a strawberry shortcake or add chocolate and marshmallows for a s'mores cake.

Delicious Dinner In

Having a delicious dinner can be a great way to spend some quality time together while enjoying some of your favorites. You can prepare an entire meal from scratch or order in from one of your favorite local gluten-free restaurants. Taking the time to having dinner in will give you the opportunity to work around your schedule, enjoy a movie night, or customize things to your menu even better. Here are a few tips for a romantic dinner.

Gluten-Free Dinner in Tips:

  • Order from a favorite restaurant - You don’t have to cook your entire meal from scratch. Instead, try ordering from a favorite local restaurant. Take some time to look at allergy menus to see which items have the least possible risk of cross-contamination. It can help to call in before ordering to make sure all menu items are safe. Here are some additional tips for eating out with food sensitivities.
  • Keep it simple - It can be tempting to go all out in the name of romance. However, keeping it simple can be worth so much more in the long run. Keep it simple when planning your Valentine’s dinner so you don’t spend the entire time in the kitchen. Instead, keep it simple so you can enjoy time together.
  • Take advantage of pre-made gluten-free items - When preparing a special dinner it can help to use pre-made gluten-free items such as dinner rolls or other items to fill out the meal without spending extra time on cooking these ingredients.
  • Recreate a favorite as a gluten-free recipe - There are many gluten-free flours and ingredients that can be used now to recreate a favorite recipe that is sure to add a touch of romance to any dinner.

Try a Few Sweet Treats

Looking to keep things simple? Adding a few gluten-free sweet treats can be the perfect way to add romance to any Valentine’s day. Items such as chocolate-covered strawberries, gluten-free brownies, and homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookies can all add a touch of sweetness to your Valentine’s day. Whether you pick these items out for someone special, or to enjoy for yourself, these are a must on any Valentine’s menu. Here are a few tips for picking out Valentine’s sweets that are gluten-free.

Valentine’s Sweets that are Gluten-Free

  • Candy - Believe it or not, there are a few different varieties of gluten-free candies on the market. Take some time to research gluten-free candies that can be given on Valentine’s day with no risk of cross-contamination.
  • Cookies/Cakes - There are many brands that sell gluten-free cookies and cakes that you can enjoy together. If these aren’t your preference, you can modify a recipe using gluten-free flours and ingredients.
  • Chocolate covered produce - Items like strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries can be a sweet treat when covered in gluten-free chocolate. Coat your favorite fruits in melted chocolate for a sweet treat you’re sure to love. Add a touch of romance by making a fruit bouquet out of these chocolate-covered treats.
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