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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Our Food

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria areincreasing.   The overuse of antibiotics in raising farm animals is partially responsible for this.   Genetically modifying antibiotics along with greatly decreasing antibiotics in our food should reduce this problem.1 "In the laboratory, the spectinomycin analogs blocked the growth of strains of the pneumococcal bacteria resistant to commonly...

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American Chestnut Trees being Genetically Engineered with Wheat Genes

Tara Dodrill. Monsanto Found Guilty in Farmer Poisoning Case.   September 11, 2015

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Monsanto Found Guilty of Poisoning Farmer with Lasso Weedkiller in France

Work is being done on genetically engineering American Chestnut Trees with wheat genes giving them resistance to a fungal pathogen which has almost eradicated these wonderful trees. The article referred to below assures us that gluten will not be introduced. "To date, a gene from bread wheat has proven most...

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