Ener-G Foods is a Non-GMO Project Member Company

Ener-G Foods is pleased to announce that we have been approved by the NON GMO PROJECT as a member company. This does not however give us the ability to indicate that we are a Non GMO company within the United States. This recognition by the Non GMO Project adds credibility in the United States to our Non GMO Status that we have maintained over the years in the countries of Central and South America, Europe, United Kingdom, and Canada, all of whom require Non GMO verification at their custom houses at their ports of entry. Due to legal rulings by the FTC and FDA, it is not legal for any US company to openly declare that they are a Non GMO company, but the “verification” by the Non GMO Project adds to our US credibility as a Non GMO company.

To Learn more about the Non-GMO Project, please visit www.nongmoproject.org