Celiac Disease
Celiacs are having immune responses to non-gluten proteins in wheat.1.2   
"The researchers found that a substantial number of the subjects with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (a rash associated with the disease)
had an immune reaction to five groups of non-gluten proteins.3

1.  Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn. Not the only culprit?  Celiacs react to non-gluten wheat proteins. November 18, 2014.

2. Catharine Paddock, PhD. Celiac disease triggers may include non-gluten proteins.  November 6, 2014.

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Kidney Disease
Air Pollution Associated with Higher Rates of Chronic Kidney Disease.  ASN.  Released: 23-Oct-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Kids and Food
Susan M. Gross, Allison Zucker, Erin Biehl, Sahnah Lim, Beth Marshall, Marycatherine Augustyn, David M. Paige and Kristin N. Mmari.. Young Children Take but Often Barely Touch Healthy School-Food Options.  John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
November 12, 2014

Genetically Modified Organisms
California Bans Genetically Modified Salmon.

California Ban on Genetically Engineered Salmon Expands Protexctions, but Opens a Dangerous Loophole.   October 2, 2014.   Center for Food Safety.

Scientists in Italy are experimenting with sound vibrations to replace pesticides1
1.  Reducing pesticides, adding sound vibrations and boosting harvests.  Science Daily. September 16, 2014.

FDA rejects petitions to ban aspartame.  American Council on Science and Health.   November 5,  2014.

Jeff OverleyFDA Rejects Ban On Diet Soda Sweetener Aspartame. Law 360.  October 27, 2014.

"The exquisite and pivotal laboratory work done by Professor Maria Alemany is proof conclusive that aspartame and, therefore, methanol does turn into formaldehyde within the living organism.  Dr. Alemany … clearly and unequivocally demonstrated methanol’s evolution into the formation of formaldehyde modified proteins and DNA."1

1. ROTGUT ASPARTAME, METHANOL MANIA By Dr. Betty Martini. National Health Foundation. March 4, 2014.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Oregon and California ballot measures would require genetically modified foods to be labeled.

"On Nov. 4, in the most expensive ballot measure campaign in Oregon history, voters will decide whether to force food manufacturers to label their products that contain genetically modified ingredients sold in the state."1

"The measure would require any "prepackaged, processed food or raw agricultural commodity that has been produced using genetic modification" to include the label: "Produced with genetic engineering." If approved, the law would be put into effect by January 1, 2016."2

1. Tracy Loew. All eyes on Oregon as voters decide GMO labeling. Statesman Journal.

2. Colorado Mandatory Labeling of GMOs Initiative, Proposition 105 (2014).  Ballot Pedia.,_Proposition_105_(2014)

Possible Autism Breakthrough

"We believe that this may be preliminary evidence for the first treatment for autism that improves symptoms by apparently correcting some of the underlying cellular problems,” says Paul Talalay, MD.  of pharmacology and molecular sciences, who has researched these vegetable compounds for the past 25 years."1, 2

1. Chemical Derived from Broccoli Sprouts Shows Promise in Treating Autism.
News and Publications. John Hopkins Medicine.   October 13. 2014

2. Kanwalijit Singh, Susan L. Connors, Eric Macklin Kirby D. Smith, Jed Witahey, Paul Talalay, Andrew W. Zimmerman.
Sulforaphane treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Peanut Corporation of America officials found guilty
A federal jury has returned guilty verdicts against three former Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) employees in relation to a Salmonella outbreak which sickened almost 700.
Food Quality NewsSept 22, 2014

Artificial Sweeteners and Obesity.
Sugar Substitutes Linked to Obesity. Nature. Sept. 17, 2014. 
Sweeteners 'could cause obesity' scientists warn. The Telegraph. Sept. 17, 2014.

Oregon GMO labeling initiative secures place on November laveling ballot.
An initiative to mandate the labeling of foods containing ingredients from genetically engineered crops has qualified for statewide vote in November.
Oregon GMO labeling initiative secures place on November labeling ballot.
Food  July 25, 2014

BPA (Bisphenol A)
If passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, the Ban Poisonous Additives Act would within 180 days of enactment require that
reusable food and beverage containers (such as Thermoses) that contain BPA cannot be sold, and other food and beverage containers containing the substance cannot be introduced into commerce.
Legislation to ban BPA could push America backward-NAMPA.
Navigator-usa.comJuly 2014
Human trials planned for genetically-modified super bananas June 17, 2014

Genetically Modified Foods
Bananas that have been genetically modified to have high levels of Vitamin C
are scheduled to be tested. Hopefully, if they are marketed, they will be labeled as genetically modified.

Genetically modified ‘super banana’ to be tested on Americans
rt.comJune 16, 2014

Human trials planned for genetically-modified super bananas June 17, 2014

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