Resistant starch
Resistant Starch is Amylose Starch. Amylose is partially resistant to digestion. Amylose is a straight molecule composed of glucose molecules. It nourishes friendly bacteria in our intestine. Amylopectin is a molecule made of many branches of glucose. The digestion begins in our
mouths with the enzyme Amylase which breaks amylopectin into its glucose-sugar molecules. The glucose branches are more easily removed than with amylose starch. This makes a sweet taste which varies depending upon the number of free, glucose molecules.
“All starches are made up of varying proportions of amylose and amylopectin.”1 “Potato Starch has about 20% amylose.”2
Resistant starch can be listed as dietary fiber. Food companies like doing this because it increases sales. If a starch doesn’t list dietary fiber it probably doesn’t contain significant amylose.
Non-Modified, Resistant Corn Starch is produced by several companies.3
Modified Resistant Starches are made by subjecting amylopectin starch to acids and/or bases to change the branched, chain molecule to straight, amylose molecules. Companies doing this are below. 4,5 
Both Potato Flour and Potato Starch Flour are cooked. My only comment on eating raw potato is to make sure the potatoes are not green or sprouting. 6.
It is possible to make amylose starch by heating some types of amylopectin starch into a gel and cooling it. This is RS4 starch.8 

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Nanotechnology and Food
Nanoparticles are smaller than one billionth of a meter in size. Food scientists are incorporating nanoparticles in food to obtain qualities that they want. For example silver is an antibacterial. Nanoparticles of silver are being incorporating into some foods for this reason. There is
concern that the safety of ingesting such nanoparticles hasn't been adequately researched.1 Nanoparticles are also finding their way into medicine. 

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Modified Celluloses
"MODIFIED CELLULOSES Includes; hydroxypropyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, methylcellulose, methylethylcullulose, sodium carboxymethyl-cellulose" 
WHO Food Additives Series, No. 5., 1974. IPCS, Inchem. 

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