A Message From Sam Wylde III, President of Ener-G Foods

Ener-G Foods, Inc. (fall 2012)


Ener-G Foods began producing foods for individuals on low protein Diets in 1962. A few months ago the Food and Drug Administration told us we must remove any reference to "Low Protein"

The Food and Drug Administration did not accept our argument that the commonly accepted definition for "Low Protein" is foods with less than one gram of protein per serving, and that this is the definition adopted by many states, by insurance companies, and by medical professionals.

The FDA instructed Ener-G Foods to remove all the references to "Low Protein" from our labels, literature and internet and not to refer to any of our products as "Low Protein".

Alternatively, the FDA agreed for us to refer to those products as "SPECIALTY PRODUCTS". Please look at the Featured tab, then SPECIALTY PRODUCTS category when shopping for those with less than one gram of protein per serving

We apologize for the inconvenience and we would like to extend our appreciation for your patronage.


Sam Wylde III


# # #