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Ener-G Foods, Inc. (winter 2012)


“It is interesting that weeds have developed resistance to herbicides such as Round-up, leading to mechanical, nonchemical weeding by robots1. Dow Chemical’s solution is to genetically engineer corn to be resistant to 2 ,4-D,2, 3. Ener-G Foods votes for the robots.

1. Grant Gerlock. When Resistance is Futile: Bring in the Robots to Pull Superweeds. February 14, 2013. Accessed February 17, 2013. National Public Radio.

2. Ian Berry. Dow Says New Genetically Modified Corn Delayed Until 2014. January 18, 2013. Dow Jones Newswire.

3. Lucia Graves. 'Agent Orange Corn' Debate Rages As Dow Seeks Approval Of New Genetically Modified Seed. Accessed 02/17/13.


“European Food Safety Authority publishes opinion on study concerning GMO Corn.

Scientists torn over Kenya’s recent GMO Food Ban. December 3, 2012. Nature.


San Juan County, WA have just passed an initiative to ban growing GMO crops, and livestock. Read more about it Here.

Nature News has an interesting article, “Hyped GM Maize Study Faces Growing Scrutiny”, October 10, 2012. It is available

The European Food Safety Authority released its “initial review on GM Maize and herbicide study. See this article for details

Earth Open Source has published a defense of the study showing tumors developing in rats fed GMO Corn.

Foodnavigator - another useful resource

The journal Environmental Sciences, Europe is stating that the growing of genetically modified food has greatly increased the use of herbicides and pesticides. See below:

The same journal recommended feeding tests to ascertain the health effects on mammals in 2011 as do other studies which they quote.


The European Food Safety Association will issue its first opinion on the safety of GM maize NK603 and on glyphosate containing herbicide next week. See attached or link below:

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Russia temporarily bans imports of GMO Corn NK603 because of the study, Long Term Toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup Tolerant Genetically Modified Maize.

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